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  1. Product Reformulation...Pre-Natal Packs

    Product Reformulation...Pre-Natal Packs
    Adequate and proper nutrition is critical for pregnant and lactating women, and also women wishing to become pregnant. A nutritional foundation during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum is paramount to the health of both the mother and infant.   In order to continue to meet the nutritional needs of expectant mothers, we have updated our
  2. Introducing a New Product Immuno-gG SBI

    Introducing a New Product Immuno-gG SBI
    Immuno-gG® SBI is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate formula that supports healthy digestion and immune function. This purified source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) is derived from bovine serum making it free of lactose, casein and β-lactoglobulins. Key Features: Delivers a higher protein and IgG purity over colostrum Targets and
  3. Complete BioDetoxification Kits Discontinued

    Complete BioDetoxification Kits Discontinued
    At Biotics Research Corporation, we strive to improve product formulations in an effort to provide the highest quality supplements to you and your patients. This requires that certain products be discontinued to make way for new and updated formulations. Below is the list of recently discontinued products with a recommended replacement product. 
  4. How to Pivot Your Business Digitally

    Strategies to Thrive in a Digital World Make Marketing And Patient Education Automated, Simple, Team-Driven, and Predictable For Thousands of Healthcare Professionals So That TOGETHER, We Can Positively Impact The Lives of Millions of People.            nimativ Simple. Turn-key. Marketing. We provide an easy, turn-key marketing system
  5. Fe-Zyme Reformulated

    Fe-Zyme™ now contains the ferrous bisglycinate form of iron. Ferrous bisglycinate is a nutritionally functional mineral amino acid chelate that not only has superior bioavailability, it is easy on the gastrointestinal tract.Fe-Zyme™ is an iron formula designed to support optimal iron levels in the body. It contains iron and important nutrient
  6. New Product 5-HTP (150 C) Now Available

    New Product 5-HTP (150 C) Now Available
    5-HTP (150 C) now available in soft-gel capsule

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