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Complete BioDetoxification Kits Discontinued

Complete BioDetoxification Kits Discontinued

At Biotics Research Corporation, we strive to improve product formulations in an effort to provide the highest quality supplements to you and your patients. This requires that certain products be discontinued to make way for new and updated formulations. Below is the list of recently discontinued products with a recommended replacement product. 

1078-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey w/NutriClear Chocolate)

1079-Complete BioDetox Kit (Pea wNutriClear Free)

1080-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey Vanilla w/NutriClear Chocolate)

1081-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey Chocolate w/NutriClear Chocolate)

1082-Complete BioDetox Kit (Pea w/NutriClear Free)

1083-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey w/NutriClear Free)

1084-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey Chocolate w/NutriClear)

1085-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey Vanilla w/NutriClear)

1086-Complete BioDetox Kit (Pea w/NutriClear)

1087-Complete BioDetox Kit (Whey w/NutriClear)

We still have some of the kits in stock and will delete from the website when they are no longer available. 

Recommended Replacement Product would be: NutriClear Plus Kit.