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Product Reformulation...Pre-Natal Packs

Product Reformulation...Pre-Natal Packs
Adequate and proper nutrition is critical for pregnant and lactating women, and also women wishing to become pregnant. A nutritional foundation during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum is paramount to the health of both the mother and infant.
In order to continue to meet the nutritional needs of expectant mothers, we have updated our formula to include the following changes:
  • Addition of 200 mg of choline
  • An increase of Vitamin B12 to 50 mcg
  • Iron source changed to a highly bioavailable Ferrochel®
  • Biomega-700™ replaced by Biomega-DHA™
Product Code: 6260
Qty: 31 packs
Suggested Retail Price: $54.90 (New Price Not Effective until October 21st, 2020)